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Excellence in care and service in Toowoomba for over 55 years

St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital is a 155-bed, acute care private hospital situated on the north-western side of Toowoomba. Established in 1966, the Hospital is a not-for-profit private hospital and a registered charity. All profits made by the Hospital are reinvested back into the Hospital to provide expansion of buildings, additional services, new equipment and staff training.

Updated 5PM, January 18, 2022:


Following today’s directive from the Queensland Chief Health Officer to limit visitors in a hospital setting, St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital will from tomorrow implement the following restricted visiting hours until further notice:
Daily Visiting Hours: 11am to 12 midday and 6pm to 7pm
Maximum of two VACCINATED visitors per patient.
The only exceptions will be for end of life situations and for paediatric patients in certain circumstances. As always we will assess each individual instance where a patient may have very special bona fide needs.

From 4 pm, 14 January 2022, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service (DDHHS) and the below LGAs have been determined by the Chief Health Officer to be in the ‘high’ risk category:
• Toowoomba;
• Goondiwindi;
• Lockyer Valley (only postcodes 4352 and 4359);
• Southern Downs;
• Western Downs (all postcodes except 4428);
• North Burnett (only postcode 4626);
• South Burnett;
• Banana (only postcodes 4419 and 4497);
• Maranoa (only postcodes 4423 and 4427);
• Cherbourg;
• Balonne (only postcode 4497); and
• Gympie (only postcodes 4605 and 4615).

Also from 4 pm, 14 January 2022, the following towns in South West Hospital and Health Service (SWHHS) and have been determined by the Chief Health Officer to be in the ‘high’ risk category:
• Charleville (postcode 4470);
• Roma (postcode 4455); and
• Surat (postcode 4417).

All clinical settings in the above-listed HHSs and the LGAs listed above are to escalate use of PPE to ‘high’ risk category including:
• Hospitals;
• Residential Aged Care Facilities;
• Residential Disability Care Facilities;
• Prison Health Services;
• Youth detention health services;
• Community health care settings (including general practice, dentistry and home care settings); and
• Queensland Health Vaccination Clinics.

St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital is keen to ensure appropriate, timely and safe access to hospital care for all who need it. We realise these are worrying and challenging times and the hospital is focused on maximising the safety and welfare of all in the hospital.

Please be aware, that doctors suites within the hospital are tenancies – that is doctors/medical practices rent rooms from the hospital like any business, to conduct their specialist practice within the hospital premises. As they are not employees and they’re own practice owners, each practice may have their own policy in regards to vaccination policy and COVID testing. To avoid confusion and potential worry, you are urged to contact your doctor’s practice at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to seek advice on their requirements. This will assist you to have as worry free and safe a journey as possible.

St Andrew’s is committed to ensuring equality of access to all those who require hospital care. For your information, the following is the hospitals requirement for patients having elective (that is, pre-booked/pre-planned) admission to hospital – whether that be as a day / day procedure patient or coming in for a few nights hospital stay.

FULLY COVID VACCINATED (those who have had their first and second vaccine doses at least 14 days before admissions) elective admissions, are no longer required to have a PCR or RAT test within 72 hours of admissions. If you are able (i.e., free RAT test kits for those eligible under new government guidelines are available from Darling Downs area testing sites), then doing a RAT test 24 hours prior to hospital admission, with a phone photo taken of the result, would be helpful – but is not a requirement, just an additional safety precaution for your added welfare.

UN-VACCINATED patients booked for elective, pre-planned admission are still asked to undertake a RAT or PCR test within 72 hours of planned admission. Note, PCR tests are currently at times taking longer than 72 hours for results to be returned, so a RAT test, either at a testing station, pathology centre or your own test kit (from chemists etc) is suitable……with self RAT test accompanied by a phone photo or other image identifying the result and date and time.

Please be assured we are still fully undertaking all elective surgery and have processes in place to maximise patient, staff, doctor and visitor safety.

Note, Government regulations are still in place prohibiting unvaccinated visitors from entering the hospital, purely to visit patients, except in extremely rare, specific circumstances. A reminder also that MASKS MUST be worn at all times on the hospital premises ensuring that the mask fully covers nose and mouth snugly.

We look forward to being of service and assistance to you.

Masks Mandatory

From Saturday, December 18, the Queensland Government regulated that masks be worn in specific places, including all hospitals.

As a visitor to the hospital, please enter the premises ONLY if you have a mask (and the mask must be worn properly covering the nose and mouth).

Visitors MUST provide their own masks as the hospital has to ensure enough supply to our staff given what may be a prolonged period of protective wear.

Masks can be purchased at chemists and other stores. Please assist us by complying with the regulation as it assists both yourself and our staff and patients in staying safe and well.

Thank you for your understanding and for advocating for the safest environment possible as the Queensland situation evolves.

The Queensland Health, Hospital Entry Direction (No. 7), has taken effect from today, at 5am, 17th December 2021.

See here:

Note: Unvaccinated means a person who is 16 years of age or over who hasn’t received the prescribed number of doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.


COVID-19 Restrictions from December 17, 2021:

To enter this hospital you are required to:

  • Check in using the QLD Check-In app;
  • Show your vaccination status via the QLD Check-In app, record of vaccination card, digital or printed certificate.


Our hospital is open to visitors with restrictions in place to protect our patients, staff and doctors from COVID-19.

Visitors (unless you are a patient) should not be anyone who:

  • Is unvaccinated for COVID-19, see limited exemptions below;
  • Is unwell;
  • Has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and asked to self-isolate;
  • Has returned from overseas in the last 14 days;
  • Been informed they are a close contact of a diagnosed person or a secondary contact, unless their quarantine period has ended;
  • Has visited an exposure venue in the last 14 days;
  • Has been in an interstate area of concern or Queensland COVID-19 restricted area in the last 14 days or since the identified start date (whichever is shorter);
  • Has been tested for COVID-19 and are waiting to receive the results (except for tests due to surveillance testing obligations);
  • Has COVID-19 symptoms of fever (37.5 degrees or more), cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, runny nose, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting or fatigue.

If  you are unvaccinated you must not enter this hospital unless you are:

  • Under the age of 16 years;
  • A patient seeking medical care;
  • One parent, carer or guardian to a patient under the age of 18;
  • One carer to a patient with a disability;
  • One support person to a patient presenting at the Rapid Access Heart Centre (RAHC), if the hospital believes it necessary.
  • Limited exemptions may be made on compassionate grounds for end-of-life support.

If you are an approved unvaccinated visitor, you:

  • Can only have one visitor with the patient at that time;
  • Must wear a single-use surgical face mask. The visitor MUST supply their own mask and this mask must be worn correctly through the whole visit to the hospital;
  • Walk directly from the hospital entrance to the patient and return. You cannot use other facilities and services at the hospital e.g. Café, Kiosk.
  • The unvaccinated visitor must have a COVID-19 test with a negative result within 24 hours of entering the hospital. If the visitor exits the hospital and returns then the visitor requires a new test within 24 hours. Locally this can be performed at Baillie Henderson Hospital.