West Ward (Medical Services)

St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital North and West wards both offer specialised treatment to patients in and around Toowoomba who require support, treatment and empathy during progressive illness.

Goals are achieved by ensuring:
• prompt and adequate relief from pain by using current methods/medications specific to the patients needs.
• all needs of the patient are focused on including physical, psychological, social and spiritual.
• families and loved ones are kept informed about treatment and disease process.
• professional approach to palliative care by specially trained staff.
• the opportunity for grief counselling to family/friends when the need arises.

All rooms are furnished to meet the needs of the patient and family. Larger rooms contain alternative sleeping sofas for overnight stay. Rooms are furnished with individuality and provision is made for memorabilia to be displayed.
Relaxation tapes, aromatherapy and massage are available and encouraged.

A communal room is available for families to gather, vent their feelings and receive counsel.

Home Nursing – wherever possible, patients are allowed to return home after their condition is stabilised and referral is made to Home Nursing Services for daily care.