South Ward (Mental Health)

Contact : (07) 4646 3014

South Ward is a private voluntary Mental Health Unit consisting of 16 single rooms comfortably equipped with individual ensuite, television, CD player and reverse cycle air-conditioning.

Inpatient Program                                                                

Patients/consumers of South Ward are provided with evidenced based/recovery focused care and treatment. Care and treatment is provided and supported from a multi-disciplinary team approach from specialised mental health nurses, psychologists, allied health professionals and psychiatric registrar- with treating psychiatrist taking the lead. The patient’s needs, goals and preferences remain the central focus. Family, relative and carer involvement and participation is also encouraged and supported throughout the patient journey/experience in South Ward.

A number of recreational activities and services offered in South Ward also include access to the St Andrew’s movie channel, free wireless connectivity, art work, board and card games and a variety of books and novels.


Groups and Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Exercise Group
  • Group Therapy Sessions- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach (Facilitated by Psychologist and Specialised Mental Health Nursing Staff)
  • Individual Psychotherapy Sessions with Psychologists
  • Individual counseling/therapy sessions with Mental Health Nursing Staff
  • Wellness and Recovery Planning
  • Information Sessions/Groups including Medication Management, Sleep Hygiene etc
  • Mindfulness
  • Tai Chi and Yoga
  • Recovery/Compassion Focused Mental Health Nursing Care
  • Family/carer and relative education and support
  • Assistance and Support with transition back into the community
  • Referral to Support Services as required