St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital prides itself on its comprehensive and appetising meal service to patients. All meals are freshly and hygienically prepared in the hospital’s kitchen where we focus on presentation and meeting patients’ nutritional needs. Nursing staff can assist with your daily menu and assist you in selecting your meals, if required.

Meal Service Times:

Breakfast 7:15am – 7:45am
Morning Tea 10:15am
Lunch 12:30pm – 1:00pm
Afternoon Tea 3:00pm
Dinner 5:15pm – 6:00pm
Supper 7:30pm

Relatives and friends may purchase appetising meals and snacks from the Cafe located near the main foyer.



Your room will be cleaned daily. Please notify a member of the Nursing Staff if you have a concern regarding any aspect of the housekeeping service.

In Your Room

Your room is air-conditioned for your personal comfort.  An adjustment control is located in each room.  A Ghandset is provided which contains controls for TV, lighting, radio and Nurse Call.  For your privacy a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is located on the doorto each room.  Please ask Nursing Staff to display the sign if you do not wish to be disturbed.



Please arrange with relatives or friends to attend to your laundry requirements as personal laundry facilities are not available.



Mail is delivered to your room daily.

Outgoing mail may be handed to the Ward Clerk or left at Reception and will be posted daily. Stamps are available from the Coffee Shop.


St Andrew’s Cafe

The St Andrew’s Cafe is located near the main foyer. A large selection of tea, coffee, cool drinks, snacks, confectionery and meals are available. Dine in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy the outdoors in the relaxing courtyard and for those with limited time, take-away packs can be arranged. Newspapers, magazines, flowers and gifts are also available from the St Andrew’s Coffee Shop together with a range of toiletries.



A Kiosk is located on the lower ground floor of East wing next to the Cancer Care Centre



Daily and weekend newspapers along with other magazines are available from the St Andrew’s Cafe.


Safety Precautions

All personal electrical equipment brought into the hospital (eg. hair dryer, electric shaver) is required to be safety tested by our Engineering staff prior to use in the Hospital. Please bring any personal equipment to the attention of Admission Staff who will arrange for it to be tested and returned to your room.



Outside telephone calls are charged to your account and, if not paid by your health fund, should be paid prior to discharge.

Incoming calls will be directed to your room from reception. To avoid unnecessary disturbance, callers are not able to phone direct to your room. If you do not wish to receive incoming calls please ask the Nursing Staff to switch your telephone off.



It is strongly recommended that you do not bring jewellery or large amounts of money to the Hospital other than for payment on admission as provisions for safe custody are limited.

The hospital takes every care, but regrettably cannot accept liability for any valuable items brought to the hospital. Therefore it is advisable that only a small amount of cash be held for the purchase of incidentals.

A bedside lockable drawer is provided for your convenience. Please keep drawer locked at all times and remember to remove the key, especially when your room is unattended.


Auxiliary/Flower Ladies

St Andrew’s have a willing Auxiliary who organise events such as the annual camellia festival, fashion parades and participate in other fundraising events for the hospital. Volunteers also ensure that patients’ floral arrangements receive regular attention.


Parking and Complimentary People Mover 

A stand-out feature of St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital is the availability of over 680 free car parking spaces for patients, visitors, doctors and staff, with easy wheel-chair access to all areas of the hospital. A complimentary hospital people mover operated by volunteers is available to transport patients and family members around the hospital campus.

Operating times (subject to change) are:

Monday and Tuesday 8AM-4PM

Wednesday 9AM-4PM

Thursday 8:30AM-4PM

Friday 10AM-1PM