Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Contact:        0407 373 437

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation begins with a referral from the Medical Officer when the patient is an inpatient in the Hospital.  The Cardiac Rehab Educator will visit the patient and provide education through literature and videos. The Phase II program will also be discussed at this stage.

The Phase II Program offers help to cardiac patients to return to an active and satisfying life and to prevent recurrence of cardiac events, and is accessed with a referral from the Medical Officer.

Patients are eligible to participate in the program if they have had a heart attack, unstable angina, balloon angioplasty, coronary artery bypass surgery or valve repair surgery and Risk Factors.

With medical education and support, tailored to meet individual needs, patients will learn how to lower their risk of future episodes and make long term health and life style changes.

The cardiac program complements the support and care given by the specialist and general practitioner.