Diagnostic Breast Clinic

Contact:    1300 139 466

The Diagnostic Breast Clinic provides a comprehensive breast service for both women and men of all ages who are seeking a breast review or experiencing breast symptoms.  Symptoms may include lumps, pain or the patient may have a family history of breast cancer.

The Clinic offers a specialist team of Breast Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons and Radiologists who have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions.

The Clinic is an all female team and pride themselves on offering a personalised, comfortable environment for all patients.

Due to the detailed examinations involved, appointments generally take 2 to 3 hours.

At the appointment, patients will initially undergo a thorough medical history with the Clinic’s Breast Nurse.  Then a consultation including a breast examination, will be undertaken with the Breast Physician.

Following these consultations, the patient will undertake their breast imaging which may include a mammogram and ultrasound.  If required, a range of more comprehensive investigations are also available onsite including Core Biopsies and Fine Needle Aspirations.

Once the images have been reviewed by a specialist Radiologist, they are made available electronically to the Clinic’s Breast Physician who will discuss these findings with the patient in detail.  This will include an explanation of the images and the findings with the patient, with plenty of opportunity to ask any questions.  A plan is then made for any future follow up.

A copy of the medical report is sent to the patient’s nominated General Practitioner for future reference.

The Clinic has an appointment reminder system that will alert patients when they are due for their next breast check up.

A referral is not required to access the services of the Diagnostic Breast Clinic.

The Diagnostic Breast Clinic opening hours are:

8:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Thursday
9:00am – 2:00pm Friday

Contact telephone numbers: 1300 139 466 and (07) 4646 3024

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Diagnostic Breast Clinic Patient Information Brochure