CBT for Self-Esteem Management

Self-esteem is a persons opinion of themselves and their sense of self-worth. Sometimes, a persons self-esteem can become so low that they become overly critical of themselves to the point that their quality of life is reduced, resulting in unpleasant, unwanted feelings and experiences.

Program outline

  • Gain an understanding on how self-esteem develops and is maintained
  • Focus on addressing unhelpful, self-destructive beliefs and thoughts and establishing a more balanced perspective of self
  • Identify and shift unhelpful behaviours whilst learning skills to better cope and manage
  • Commit to change for a more meaningful and self-fulfilling life through developing and reinforcing positive self-qualities

For more information please contact the Psychologist or the Nurse Manager, West Ward, St Andrew’s Hospital, with any questions on telephone (07) 4646 3014.