We were pleased to welcome Dr John Webster, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon onsite in private practice in November, 2019.
Dr Webster was born and raised in Toowoomba and has returned permanently to the Darling Downs after 20 years of education and training to establish his own private practice, the Oral Facial & Implant Centre.
His expertise and practice focusses on oral and facial surgical procedures and includes trauma, 3D planned orthognathic/ corrective, face and neck cosmetic and arthroscopic/open temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgery. The oral surgery services include wisdom teeth and dental implant surgery, including bone and soft tissue grafting procedures.
Dr Webster takes pride in providing a calm and reassuring bedside manner which allows him to clearly discuss diagnoses and treatment options to deliver customised, exceptional care to each patient.
Dr Webster’s offers the following services at St Andrew’s Hospital:
Facial Surgery:
• Facial Trauma Surgery
• Orthognathic/Facial Corrective Surgery
• Face and Neck Cosmetic Surgery
• Arthroscopic TMJ Surgery
• Facial Skin Cancer
Oral Surgery:
• Wisdom Teeth Surgery
• Dental Implants
• Bone Grafting/Sinus Lifts
• Soft Tissue Grafting
• All-on-4 or Zygomatic Implants
Dr Webster is located onsite at St Andrew’s Hospital:
Oral Facial & Implant Centre
Suite 51, Level 2, Building 2
P: 07 4580 4733
F: 07 4641 7341
E: admin@oralfacialimplant.com.au
W: oralfacialimplant.com.au